Still Life Gallery

Two Cherries

Two Cherries, oil on linen.30x30cm.

Dance of the Pomegranates

Dance of the Pomegranates.


Pears,Figs and Cherries.

Pears ,Figs and Cherries. Oil on linen, 92x112cm

Pomegranate Parade

Pomegranate Parade , oil on linen. 92x112cm.


Quince and Figs

Quince and Figs. Oil on Linen, 30x30cm


Alice’s Tea Party, 91 X 112cm, oil on linen.


Tea For Two

Tea For Two. Oil on Linen, 92 x112cm



High Tea, 111cm X 91cm ,oil on linen

High Tea, 111cm X 91cm ,oil on linen


Pomegranates On White Plate

Pomegranates On White Plate


Pomegranate Parade, oil on linen. 92x112cm

Persimmons, Pears and Quinces 1

Quinces, Persimmons and Pears. Oil on Linen, 92x112cm




Dance of the Figs 2. Oil on Linen 100x100cm

Two Quinces

Two Quinces. oil on linen, 30x30cm


Figs From My Garden, Oil on Canvas.



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